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Is SparkBridge secure?

SparkBridge was developed from the ground up with security as a primary objective. The SparkBridge One hardware uses a dedicated cryptography chip and certificates to secure communication to the cloud.

The SparkBridge cloud service runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and combines accepted best practices along with AWS native security features to secure your account and data.

Our mobile application encrypts communication to the cloud and to SparkBridge hardware. Your account is protected by two factor authentication.

Our team has applied our decades experience in securing US Department of Defense systems to the SparkBridge product suite.


Do I have to use the SparkBridge cloud service?

No, our cloud service is not required in order to use the SparkBridge One data logger.

You can use the phone app to configure the data logger directly without an internet connection. The data logger can be used as a standalone device by offloading data to a flash drive or you can send the data to a server of your choice using MQTT.


What mobile platforms do you support?

The mobile application is currently available for Android and iOS.

A standalone web interface is in development.


SparkBridge One IoT Data Logger

I don't see my data logger in the mobile application. What do I do?

It may not have connection to the internet. You can always connect directly to the data logger to re-configure the WiFi or Ethernet settings.

1. Power on the SparkBridge One

2. Press the red button to put SparkBridge One in WiFi access point mode

3. Connect to the SparkBridge One WiFi network (something like "SB035600")

4. Open the SparkBridge mobile app and navigate to the "Local" tab.

5. Your SparkBridge device should be listed here and can be re-configured for your local network settings.


How do I offload data to a flash drive?

1. Plug your flash drive into the USB port on the data logger.

2. Press the "USB" button.

3. The LED on the data logger will blink while the data is being transferred.

4. When the LED stops blinking, the transfer is complete. Disconnect the flash drive.


What is the 4-20mA loop supply?

Sensors with 4-20mA outputs are readily available and easy to use, but they typically require a least 24VDC to function with long cable lengths. This can pose a challenge for small battery and solar powered applications where only 12VDC is available.

SparkBridge One includes a 24VDC output that will supply power to 4-20mA sensors when running from a lower voltage source.


When do I use the "GND" screw connection?

SparkBridge One is designed for use in outdoor and industrial applications that may be subject to surges and lightning strikes. We recommend connecting this ground stud to a nearby earth ground to provide a return path for surges whenever possible. This stud should not be used for signal grounds/references.


Do you have a 3G/4G/LTE option?

SparkBridge One can be connected to an LTE gateway such as the Sierra Wireless RV50 with an Ethernet cable. A standalone LTE version of SparkBridge One is in development.



Are quantity discounts available?

Yes, please contact us for a quote.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, you can order normally through our website. We can use carriers other than USPS such as DHL - please contact us directly rather than order through the website.


About Us

Who is SparkBridge?

SparkBridge is a product of Mesotech International, Inc. We are located in Sacramento, CA and have been designing, building, manufacturing, and installing instrumentation for over 25 years. We have equipment on every continent and our helpdesk supports US Air Force systems located at 200+ mission critical locations worldwide. For more information visit our website at http://www.mesotech.com


Where is SparkBridge made?

SparkBridge products are designed, assembled, and tested at our facility in Sacramento, CA, USA.


Are you hiring?

We frequently have openings for engineers, technicians, and other positions. Please check for openings on our careers page.


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